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first week of pre-k done!

Yup, this was as good as it got that day. Some days aren’t picture days.

Genevieve LOVES pre-k. I knew she would, we all did, but she enjoys herself even more than I could have imagined. The girl likes to keep on a schedule. Me thinks my little type-A go-getter was getting more than slightly antsy staying home with my “I dunno, what do you want to do today?” summer mommy routine. Even though I figured her attention-seeking behavior was partly to blame on our schedule-less summer, I couldn’t have predicted how quickly she would bounce back into normal behavior when offered a bit of structure. Duly noted for future school breaks.

imagePost-school hug. Charlie missed her sister!
Her teachers are wonderful, one of whom we’ve met previously when Vivi attended a science experiment class for a few months. They are positive and sweet, and what’s more, they are thoughtful, writing what they did that day on a white board with a few question prompts, e.g. “Ask me about today’s fire drill!” I appreciate feeling connected to Vivi’s education; I don’t think I fully realized how much I wanted to be a part of her learning experience until I was let in the secret back door. Now I see myself coming up with more activities we can do together outside of the classroom, particularly science-focused ones.

Vivi is showing an interest in marine biology, so it seems only natural for our first mother-daughter learning session to take place at the Boston Aquarium. I’ll be sure to meet you back here with some of my thoughts on our journey into unschooling. How’s your school year going so far?

A full-fledged KID appeared out of nowhere in my house. Where’s my “preschooler”?