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did you read? {4}: lazy edition

Sweet thrift store finds for my future tweens.

Hey peeps,
Today I’m going to do that thing where bloggers phone in their post, i.e. share stuff they liked that week and don’t say anything very poignant about it. I, however, typically love these phoned-in posts, so I hope you’ll enjoy a few of my internet loves for your weekend browsing. You can read other more cleverly written {did you read?} posts here

To Read/Listen to/Watch:::Do you subscribe to This American Life podcasts? They make doing the dishes infinitely better. If you love David Sedaris you will love the episode of his friend and writing colleague
David Rakoff’s collection of stories.

::Amy Poehler’s latest “Ask Amy” is sweet, and apart from making me cry, Amy is awesome.

::Oh glorious Hyperbole. How I wish you would write again. Don’t worry, I don’t want to talk about Kenny Loggins either.

::Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve had this song in my head for a while (why they are “jawga boyz” and not “jawja boys” is one of life’s great mysteries, I guess).

::I love Crappy Pictures; she perfectly describes the McDonald’s of my childhood, and this is exactly how I feel about my cat in the context of my kids.

::Except for the sticky part (oh and also if it didn’t mean imminent divorce), I would love keeping bees

::Lindy West (of Jezebel) is cracking me up this week. Here are a series of gifs about a sordid news story.

::I can’t fully express my elation to discover this book, a favorite from my childhood, is available cheaply used online. Bless you, Amazon. Now if I could only find the record that went with it, I think I would never ask Santa for another gift.

Fall Ideas:
::Thinking about Halloween yet? You are if you live in my house! Here are some costume ideas. Oh, and anyone want some horrifying deviled eggs or nasty candy corn oreos (more Lindy!)?

::Are you catching the canning wave? I am trying my first experiment with fire-roasted tomatoes in my new canning pot. I also ordered the new-ish Food in Jars cookbook. Details soon, promise.

::I’m shopping around for state/county fairs and fall festivals, so if you know a must-see New England attraction, let me know! So far we’re looking at The Big E (aka “Eastern States Exposition”) and Topsfield

Stuff for the new house: 

{yes, in the same city!!! for the zillion friends who have called and written, much love, you’re the best, and sorry to leave you in the lurch without data. glad to see you’re reading the blog and honestly had no idea you were until I left a cliff-hanger. must do that more often he he he}

::I discovered the wonderful Mer Mag when she teamed up with Gap Kids for their recent art thing. (p.s. she might just have the best Pinterest board EV-ur). I plan to hang this piece in the girls’ room. Hope it doesn’t take off like ‘Keep Calm’ did about 0.2 seconds after purchasing that print.

::I want to get the girls a new doll as a surprise for their room. Is it creepy that I want every doll from this selection? AND how adorable is it that Madame Alexander has a website? I feel a “Back in my day” rant coming on soon…

::We got a learning tower on Craig’s List. If you are into Montessori stuff or just want your kid out from under your legs while you’re frying bacon, this contraption is pretty friggin’ sweet.

Happy weekending!

Editor’s housekeeping note: Emily and I opted to run our blog carnival every other month, so if you’re wondering why we never announced the September carnival, it’s because we moved it to October.

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