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does minimalist parenting mean letting your kid eat food off the floor?

Charlie and a Dogfish Head. Hey, at least she has good taste.

…’Cuz if so, sign me up! The other day I passively watched as Charlotte bent down, craned her neck, and stretched her arm under a chair to get an open-faced, upside-down peanut-butter cracker, then grinned and popped it in her mouth. Mother of the year! What a relief to know I’m not alone. Speaking of minimalist parenting, I’m pleased one of my favorite bloggers, Boston Mamas, is writing a book. She’s my kind of writer. I’m drawn to the notion of minimalism right off the bat, so I can’t wait to learn more. Of course I will report back here, as your very own simplicity-seeking maternal Sherlock Homes.

imagePlaying with the farm. Grandpa Jim does the best voices!
My dad’s visit was sooo wonderful; watching him play with my girls was a laugh one minute, a tear-jerk the next. It would be tough to select my favorite part of the trip, but witnessing my dad and my daughters have their own loving relationship independent from me was right at the top of the chart. I did miss seeing the lovely Oscar-night gowns on TV. I would no sooner have asked my dad to watch the Academy’s red carpet pre-show than he would have asked me to watch the pit workers clean cars before the Daytona 500 (incidentally also scheduled for Sunday night), so we happily instead settled on reruns of Downton Abbey. I am proud to have converted another loyal follower.

With the magic of the almighty Interwebs, I can now go back and pretend I was there on Oscar night. Thanks to Mary for reminding me to take a peek. Speaking of being there, my friend was a seat-filler! Or, at least I think that’s what he was doing in the fourth row (note to self: find out whether Craig has become a major movie star in the past year).

On a completely separate note, I realize I’ve been slacking in recipe-posting lately. I have a slew of ’em waiting to be photographed and written up. I also have a food-related surprise up my sleeve that I’m not ready to discuss with you yet, but I promise to let you know more deets soon. I think you’ll be happy. Keeping secrets is not my strong suit, so we’ll see how long I can keep those beans tied up before they spill. Interestingly and conversely, I am also tight-lipped about my personal life at times (though I hide it well. See everyone? I’m blogging, which means I’m sharing), especially where vulnerability is concerned. I’m still working on the why of that little-known part of me. Perhaps I’m just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. More on this subject soon.

Forever yours in randomness,

p.s. No, I didn’t really let my baby drink a beer. But you already knew that….right?

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