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(almost) wordless Wednesday: a year in phone pictures

2011 was an adorable year! Or so it appears, in my hubby’s phone. As promised, here are the awwww-inducing shots:

Charlie starting solids, Winter ’11

imageVivi “reading” the funnies, Spring ’11

Self-portrait, Summer ’11

Glamorous gal going for a stroll, Fall ’11

I agree with The Paper Mama that a thing to love about phone pictures is they tell a story about your life that posed camera shots don’t. What were your favorite shots captured on the phone this year?


Editor’s note: This post is part of Paper Mama’s Wordless{ish} Wednesday, Jenni from the Blog’s Wordless Wednesday, parenting by dummies’ Wordful Wednesday, and 5 Minutes for Mom’s Wordless Wednesday

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