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since MTV seems to want my ideas

I get all kinds of solicitations now from businesses who want a slice of PR on my blog, want my opinion about their products, or want to sell or offer something to you, Reader. Some of these opportunities are fun, some are just plain silly or annoying, and others are hilarious. Recently I received an email from MTV asking me if I want to be on the program, “16 and Pregnant.” Considering I am neither 16 nor pregnant, it seems they may need to do better research. However, I do have a suggestion for you, MTV. How about “Real World: Grandmas”? Because more than anyone else I know, they’ve stopped being polite and started being real.

How are y’all doing? I am trying to keep the pace of life slow for my kids this week, since it’s one of their only “do nothing” weeks all summer. But slowing down is harder than it looks from the outside! If you’re a mom, you likely identify with this struggle. I’m limiting my time at the gym to my standing once-weekly spinning class date with the hubster, and otherwise it’s just trips to the library and long walks for us. It seems lots of you started back to school this week. Can you believe we don’t start for a whole month? Much as I could rub it in, I know you’ll be laughing at us come the end of June when we’re still in school.

Hopefully this post about nothing will get me back into the swing of writing…well…about nothing. It’s what I do best, wouldn’t you say?

Dominoes between her toes. Love this girl.