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yours, mine, & ours: best of 2012

Is instant nostalgia a blogger thing or is it a product of my generation? Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying the 2012 recaps I’ve been reading (see: mermag, local kitchen, Doodles & Jots). And since I did my own recap last year, I thought I’d make a tradition out of it and do another.

2012 was a fabulous year for us. It felt like a year of lots of accomplishments for me, including learning the doula craft, gaining another potty-trained child, and buying/moving into a house. The kids are at great ages, and although there are still times I scream “serenity NOW!” (read: when a cupful of water is purposefully spilled out of the bathtub), for the most part they are much easier to care for than this time last year. I wish I could say the same for my gut health, but after another round of gluttonous holiday feasting, I’m putting myself back on the caterpillar non-diet this week.

Where the blog is concerned, 2012 will be primarily remembered in this household as the year I began sharing my interest in heirloom recipes. I still plan someday to make a eBook of recipes to share with you. For now, here are some links to my favorites:

Based on pageviews, here are some of your favorite posts from 2012:

2012 was also the year I began working with other bloggers, both as a guest on their blog and having them write posts on my blog. Here are our most popular posts from the guest group:

Here’s to another great year! Thanks for reading along, as always.