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…in which I pulled the Dora phone out of my purse and attempted to make a call on it

I really have nothing more to say on the above subject except what’s already written. But it sums up my day-to-day life well. A wee bit of irony makes the day more interesting, no?

I am supposed to be preparing answers for a four-page list of questions, somewhere around 50 (!!!), for my weekend-long childbirth educator class that begins tomorrow. But instead I’m on here giving you the gossip, for which I can only say I love you more than punctuality. And that’s saying a lot.

The basic gist of why I’ve chosen to take tomorrow’s class is that I hope it will help make the doula thing work out long-term. Perhaps I’ll still do some births every few months, but I’m hoping to branch out into other areas within pregnancy and birth.

And so. Childbirth education. I think it has the potential to be less money and excitement but more stability. If this life I’m living has a middle name, it is Stability with a capital S. The girls miss me when I’m gone, and the hubster can’t rely on me to make meals or remember skating class. And really, what else am I supposed to be doing right now if not those things? I love those things, and I love them more than money.

Alas, I will miss doula-ing on a more regular basis. If it’s taught me anything, it’s that I dig the hospital environment. The busy-ness, the chatting, the constant change. So maybe nursing is for me after all. More on that later. For now, I must go and make the hubs his spiced nuts

Here’s to working out that New Year gut!

Action shot: Charlie fell, and while attempting to get up, Vivi fell…on Charlie’s face