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this is my message to you

Politics don’t mix well with the other writings on this blog, so I’ll keep my comments as neutral as I can.  It’s a day of mixed feelings for me. On the one hand, my guy won. But as a moderate/independent voter (fiscally conservative, socially liberal), I had actually struggled for a bit about who I’d vote for at one time, which puts me in a somewhat unique position of understanding how both sides feel today.

My concern resides mostly with a system that feels like it isn’t working, regardless of who is in the driver’s seat, so my happiness is short-lived. I long for a system I can feel passion and loyal pride for when speaking to friends from other countries. Yes, we all get to vote and that’s fantastic and something to rejoice about in a world in which a simple vote is often denied. But I want more for us.

If you are hurting today and feeling lost, I probably can’t offer you much in the way of consolation. Although it might be cheesy and mildly hippy dippy of me, I’ll offer a song that added a small amount of warmth to my disconsolate heart back in 2004. It’s Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, and I particularly like the version from Nick Jr/Noggin that has an accompanying cartoon.

Hugs to all aisles today!