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bring home wine O_o

Once again Crappy Pictures has perfectly described my life the very MOMENT it is happening. Seriously, y’all, you should just go read her blog. What am I doing here anyway?

Okay, moment of self doubt over. I am here to report that there is currently a broken birthday candle, half an apple slice, and a plastic sheep under my foot right now as I stand at the kitchen counter typing. AND I AM NOT PLANNING TO PICK THEM UP ANY TIME SOON.

Oh and p.s., I also just served my kids goldfish crackers out of a 1/2 cup measurer and sent them on their way to do lawd knows what in the living room. DON’T CARE. That is how you know you’ve hit the “bring home wine” stage of the week-long husband business trip (times a thousand when you are also in the midst of moving everything you own into a new dwelling).

On the upside, I sold our sectional sofa today! To a nice lady from down the street, who spent thirty minutes chatting with me pleasantly in my living room. Apparently she doesn’t mind sitting amidst piles of laundry, a stack of library books, a half-finished knitting project, and a schoolbus full of Little People. I love the people here.

Finally, a word of advice. Don’t ever buy a bushel of apples, unless you plan to make it your goal in life to produce a quart of applesauce every day forever and ever. Amen.


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