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guest post at {donuts, dresses, & dirt}: tea tutorials

The beginnings of powdered chai mix.

I hope you’ll go check out my guest post on Sheri’s fabulous blog today! I shared two tutorials: sweet iced tea for hot weather and chai for cold weather. Sheri has done me the wonderful favor of guest posting on this blog twice, on the topics of wardrobing 101 and recession-era gardening. I highly recommend adding her blog to your reader. Living a self-described “well-tended life,” Sheri’s taste is impeccable, and I always come away from her blog with a way to improve my life-tending. She asked me to write on a subject she doesn’t know much about, and since I usually can be found drinking tea while I read her blog, I thought it the perfect subject about which to write.

I am a loyal tea drinker. Summer or winter, cold or hot, I can on most days be found with a cuppa nearby. After you’ve read my guest post, and if you’re interested in reading even more about tea, I’ve got a few other interesting links to share with you. The Splendid Table had a great interview this spring with a tea expert discussing the five types of tea, including and focusing on one I hadn’t previously heard of called “dark tea.” It’s worth a listen.

In addition to the teas I wrote about on Sheri’s blog, I have to say one of my favorites is rooibos from South Africa. Have you had it? It’s mild and naturally caffeine-free, and I find it’s good just about every way I’ve tried. What’s your favorite kind of tea?