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start a food revolution

Did you know this Saturday, May 19th is Food Revolution Day? Word. Gotta love Jamie Oliver, right? I’m on the look-out for an event to pop up in my area (maybe a farmer’s market rally or something?), but in the meantime my plan for the fam is for us to eat all from-scratch food that day, even our cheese and crackers. Are you doing anything special to mark the occasion?

I was going to add a few of my thoughts on real food here, but I’ve probably done enough of that already. Plus, I have the hunch that anything I say to you about eating real food will be preaching to the choir, especially since I have gotten as many food tips from this blog as I have given.

So instead, Choir, I’ll invite you to check out the sweet infographic below regarding the need to make food education compulsory. I wholeheartedly agree! And if have a blog and you’re feeling social, you can grab the embed code here and share it with your readers.

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Editor’s note: This post is part of Real Food Wednesday and Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways

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