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this mustache is bespoked for you

The hubster left yesterday–on his thirty first birthday–for an international work trip. I was sad to see him go but happy we celebrated his big day in style before he left. We met some of his work buddies for drinks, and they surprised him with mustaches and top hats for all of us to wear. I say surprised “him” because the accoutrements were my idea. Why yes, I am amazing. Thanks for noticing.

Well, how do you do? I do very well, thank you. Indeed.

This pic would be more effective if you could see our stellar hats. I don’t mind saying the mustache-hat combo made me feel considerably more important amongst the normal, non-top-hatted, mustachless patrons of the swanky pub. If any of us doubted our significance for a moment, we needed only raise a mustachioed finger in silent salute to each other in recognition of our mutual awesomenimity. It’s the Jeep Wave of the cool kids. And, I suppose it goes without saying that we agreed with everything everyone said all night with a resounding “Here Here,” “Cheerio,” or “Indeed”!

The bar had an intruiging cocktail list, although it must be said that the drinks were hit or miss. We were happy for having Nate’s smart phone with us, not only for the ability to document digitally our furry accessories, but also because we could nerdily look up strange words on the menu, such as “bespoke.” 

Fave drink of the evening: The Revolver.

As I am now the proud owner of the hubby’s said smart phone while he’s overseas, I am sure there will be no end to the fun in taking lots of ridiculous photos of myself and making them look cool on Instagram. I may just not give the phone back. Well, okay, I probably will give it back to him, but only after downloading what I have just discovered are a bunch of adorable photos of my kids that he has been hogging all to himself. Stay tuned, faithful readers. There will be much rejoicing and saying of “Awwwww.”

Happy 31st, Hubba.

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