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you just need a little dip

Don’t you just love holiday weeks? Vivi’s joy for every milestone and event is unparalleled and makes me happy to know her. She routinely gasps at the neighbors’ festive decorations and pines for the day when we’ll decorate our Christmas tree (Friday…T minus 2 days).

We had a nice conversation on the living room rug while getting her dressed about what it means to be thankful and all the things on her list for which she wants to give thanks. Her Sunday school class helped me out by introducing the topic to her, but I like to pretend it was all my own teaching. When I asked, she promptly replied she is most thankful for “reading.” Alrighty then. Later in the day, the teachers gave us leaf cut-outs on which the kids had written what they were thankful for, and Vivi’s said “Genevieve is thankful that her mommy and daddy love her all the time.” What a kid.

I’m telling you all this as a lead-in to a moment I had with her today. Her preschool had a party in honor of Thanksgiving, and the parents were invited to come a half-hour early to celebrate. All the moms signed up to bring a special snack, but I didn’t notice the sign-up sheet until Laid-back Mom asked me what I was bringing. Uh oh.

Sure enough, waiting until the last minute meant the only empty row on the list was for “veggie stix.”

Yes, with an X.

I dreaded the snack hand-off because I knew how disappointed she’d be, but I was unprepared for the level of doom & gloom written on her face. She tossed the bag of carrots and celery onto the buffet table, where they solemnly stated their healthy presence amid a sea of cookie goodness.

All you childless peeps out there beware. Parental guilt is the pits.

Then I got a dose of perspective from Laid-back Mom when we arrived to the party. True to form, when I told her what I brought for snack, she shrugged and said “You just need a little dip.” Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?

Here is Vivi with her best friend in class, Laid-back Mom’s daughter:

The party included a recital, which was pretty cute. During the second song on my shaky video, you get the idea that Vivi isn’t going on Star Search any time soon, which reminds me. Did you catch the 60 Minutes interview with Taylor Swift? Nate and I were majorly impressed, particularly by the fact that her parents produced such an intelligent, talented beauty at so young an

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