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ode to nap time

Remember when you were a kid, and you stayed home from school for a day – maybe you were really sick or maybe just playing hookie – and as you lounged on the couch, your most challenging decision was whether to watch Gilligan’s Island or The Price is Right? Remember that carefree feeling of having nothing to do?

That’s kind of how nap time feels for me, except that I have plenty to do. The plenty is draped over every couch and chair and threatening to take up the majority of square footage on every floor of every room; in fact, I think I’m sitting on a plastic animal right now.

I am, however, not going to attend to the mess and will pretend it doesn’t exist for a whole hour. I am instead turning my attention to the bag of pumpkin muffins, stick of butter, and stack of books that are sitting in front of me.

The only question I will ask this hour is “Will I pick fiction or nonfiction to read?” I will eat nothing that is good for me. I will not answer the phone.

I am mother, hear me zone out.

Just as quickly as it starts, Vivi’s stomps on the stairs signify the end to my hour of peace. Her plaintive request to listen to her “Wee Sing and Learn Dinosaurs” CD for the katrillionth time sends shivers up my spine. I will spare you the assault of my imitation of this music, but here is a sample line from one of the songs: “Deinonychus…with his powerful jaw. Deinonychus….with his terrible claw!” It’s a Grammy-winner for sure.

So long nap time, until we meet again tomorrow.