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adorable kittehs

Circa 2002. Scope out the sweet ‘burns Nate was sporting.

There is no point to this post other than wasting some time, so if you’re on a busy schedule, move it along. Nothing to see here. But if you’re looking for time suckage and are a cat lover, look no further. Check out kitteh roulette!

I know you’ve been waiting with breath that is bated for an update on our geese situation, so I won’t keep you anticipating. We continue to have every Canada goose on the planet at our local playground by the pond, and we now have every swan too. Swans are so breathtakingly beautiful, and I’ve never been privileged to see more than two at once, so I’ve been enjoying the show. I’d also never seen them get ready to fly before. Have you? It’s quite an awkward spectacle not befitting such a graceful bird. They run, actually RUN, across the water for like a mile before finally taking off. Think I’m making it up? See here! Proof that God has a sense of humor.

I’m just full of animal videos today, aren’t I? While we’re at it, did you ever see video of the hamster eating broccoli? It’s worth a gander.

Happy Hump Day! Hope your week’s going well.

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