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Vivisms, vol 23

Vivi: Today is Windsday (thanks Pooh), tomorrow is Thursday, and then it’s Fried-egg and the weekend and I can watch a movie!

Me: Vivi, come here and let’s put your clothes on.

Vivi: Hang on, Mommy. I’m thinking about blue and yellow.

Vivi’s first music playlist..

Vivi: Is this Adele? I love Adele. I want Adele, Usher, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, and that’s all I want. And I want it loud.

Making a shopping list…

Vivi: Mommy, can we get a diamond at the store today?

Vivi: I love the book that Aunt Katie and Uncle Jason gave me.

Me: Good! That was a Christmas present. Do you remember Christmas?

Vivi: Yes! I love Christmas. Santa is my good friend. He gives me cheese! (Note: our Santa we visited actually did give her cheese for some odd reason, and she never forgets a friend who gives her food).

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