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ode to August

Ah, August. The month of humidity, more spiders than I thought existed, "What is that smell?," and camp! Glorious camp. By now the kids are already back to school in Georgia, but up here in Boston, camp is still in full swing. Vivi is at a YMCA camp this week, and I spent my first day in my week of freedom and quiet shopping for clothes for her at TJMaxx. Today the plan is to clean the house, and tomorrow I’ll be organizing and scrubbing the basement. It’s amazing how much can get done with only one child around.

Another reason I like August is that it signals the coming of my 2nd favorite month of the year. September is the month of Labor Day, my mom’s birthday (which, thanks to being on/near Labor Day, we usually celebrate together), the first few hints of fall, and back-to-school time. And in turn, September signals the coming of October, my favorite month of the year: the month of my anniversary, Halloween, fall festivals, and full-blown autumn.

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