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Vivisms, vol 21

Vivi: Why is Charlie crying, Mommy?
Me: I’m not sure.
Vivi: I think you hurt her feelings.

Vivi: What sound does a rhino make, Daddy?
Nate: Hmmm, I don’t know.
Vivi: I’m going to ask my animals.

Vivi: What is this store called?
Me: It’s CVS.
Vivi: But don’t see any V or S.

Vivi: What are you buying? Is that candy?
Me (grabbing a bag of pretzel M&Ms): It’s chocolate for Daddy.
Vivi: For when he goes poop?

Vivi: Pretend this is my house (the corner of the room behind the couch) and this is my grandma (Charlotte).

Vivi: Mommy, can I help you fold the laundry? Here’s your elbow thing (a bra).

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