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showing the mason jar some love

The rule of three strikes again, this time with mason jars making it into the forefront of my psyche. I noticed our hydrangea bush was getting a little out of control, so I did some pruning and made floral arrangements in my favorite multi-useful vases, mason jars. If you’ve ever been to my house, you know of my attachment to them because we keep mason jars as drinking glasses. Then I went to a farmer’s market and picked up homemade jam in, what else, a mason jar. Finally, I read a few blog posts and found more interesting mason jar discussions. Here are my favorites:

  • The Single Nester’s instructions on how to dye your jars blue (via CentsationalGirl). Genius!  
  • Ethel’s Gloves’ ode to mason jars
  • Chiot’s Run’s post about freezing food in glass jars; a very helpful tip given our switch to glass from BPA plastic, and now that we have a big freezer in the basement
  • Hounds in the Kitchen’s ideas about making your own jam (via Attainable Sustainable
  • When pondering the question “how do I make food in jars?,” look no further than the trusty Internet (aka a website aptly named “food in jars“)

A wise uncle recently pointed out to me that with the current economic climate, many people are about to find out for the first time what it’s like to make an honest attempt to live within their means. While the frugal side of me (what am I saying? there’s no unfrugal side) thinks we’ve always done our best to live within our means, rising grocery prices are testing that assumption. And with regulatory agencies routinely falling down on their job to control agribusiness and the food industry, we are turning more local for our food purchases. Perhaps it’s time we made the biggest leap of all local choices and make some of our own food. I am finally trying my hand at composting, so I’ll report back when I have more to share about that experience. Next up, gardening and canning? Why not!

What are your favorite uses for mason jars? Anyone tried making your own food?