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comments, anyone?

Dear reader(s),

I’ve noticed that lots of people are emailing me or putting a note on Facebook that they like the blog, but almost no one comments on the blog posts directly. I am wondering why and postulating that maybe something is off about the comments part of this blog. I just went under the hood and tried to tinker a bit with the comments settings, but I can be technologically challenged at times, so it might not have worked.

Of course, the irony of this situation is that you won’t be able to comment on this post to tell me if you are having trouble posting comments. Ha! Ain’t life grand? But you can email me by clicking the link I just added at the top right hand corner of the page or post on Facebook if we’re "friends." If I wake up to 10,000 new emails with the subject "here’s something exciting I wanted to show you," I might have to take the email link down from the blog. I sure do hope I can get it figured out because I would love to hear what you have to say about the blog. Too whiny? Not enough snark? Let me know!



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