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Cry it out?

It seems Vivi has learned not only who we are but also that she enjoys our company and does not want to sleep….ever. We have struggled with the question of whether to let her cry or not, and we have tried this tactic as a last resort a few times. Luckily last night she only woke once, and Nathan offered to feed her a bottle, so I got my first night of complete sleep since her birth. Sweet relief! We are anticipating she will have a few more nights of occasional crying with the hope that our “extinction” tactic will allow her to learn to self-soothe and put her on a healthy sleep pattern. The current book I’m reading (“Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Dr. Marc Weissbluth) says to remember that we know what’s best for her, and the body of research points to no harm coming from a few nights of crying, despite the warnings of Dr. Sears.

We’re very sad the Olympics are over. There was something quite comforting about knowing there would be a dose of nightly inspiration on the tube. Guess it’s back to watching ‘survivors’, couples, and obese families compete in reality TV shows (almost as good). We are also looking forward to The Office and Pushing Daisies. Yep, having a baby turns even the least inclined into couch potatoes. But speaking of good TV shows, we are behind the curve on discovering our new favorite show, Arrested Development. If you haven’t seen it, be prepared to watch with the remote in your hand so you can rewind and catch the billion zingers. It’s brilliant.