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on costumes {including Sox} & NaBloPoMo

So okay, I’m going to do that NaBloPoMo thing again! I will probably regret my decision tomorrow when my ideas scatter and hide, but I’m trying to take Anne Lamott’s advice to write every day for a while and see how that goes (Lamott fans: I even got myself a 1-inch blank picture frame for inspiration.) Hold on to your butts!…

Last night was so fun! The weather was wonderful. My mom summed it up perfectly by noting how great it is not to have everyone asking “So what are you dressed up as under that big puffy coat?” Indeed! Vivi went as her favorite story character, Lady Bug Girl, and Charlie went as a cowgirl (Vivi’s costume from our 1st year in Boston).

This was the best one I got! Missed out on the hobby horse.

I didn’t expect Charlie to get into the event as much as she did, but she periodically and indiscriminately shouted “YEEHAW!” throughout the evening, much to everyone’s surprise and delight. Forgetting that she would have zero recollection as to how the whole trick-or-treat business works, I gave the kids a quick reminder tutorial about saying “Happy Halloween!” and “Thank you!” to every candy distributor, not going off with strangers, and watching their step on slippery stairs (earlier drizzle + fallen leaves = a big wet mess) but otherwise gave no instruction. After happening upon their first house on the block, Charlie ran back to me screaming “THEY GAVE ME CANDY!!!” and asked if she could eat it. She then proceeded to scream and eat for the next four houses until I told her that maybe it’d be a good idea if some of the candy made it into her bag.

Meanwhile, Vivi was off and running in a nearly completely unbridled manner. Sometimes I didn’t even have a good handle on where she was for a brief moment, but fortunately we were among a bunch of friends at the ends of the group to help corral the stragglers and eager overachievers. You can also take my word for it that our neighborhood is beyond safe on Halloween. There are adults milling about and chatting out in the middle of our quiet street, and nearly every house is exceptionally well lit with porch lights, street lights, Halloween-themed lights (a new sight to me upon moving to Boston), and plenty of jack-o-lanterns. Last year the local school’s marching band even made an appearance! It is almost apologetically adorable.

…If I haven’t convinced you yet, allow me to report that we are that neighborhood people come from other towns to trick-or-treat in. Not that I am gloating. Or maybe yes…

We hit every house on the block and were rounding the corner when both kids asked me to hold their loot, which was my cue to rally the troops for the march back up the hill home. I heard lots of happy sighs and bold statements of “BEST DAY EVER!,” so I know Halloween is a holiday that’s here to stay. I’m glad about that, but I’m also happy to ease into a quiet, food-and-milestone-themed November. Sorry for not taking more pictures, but Charlie disrobed a part of her costume at nearly every house, so I was busy balancing a hobby horse, plastic belt, and a cowgirl hat that didn’t fit my head, plus my own umbrella and camera that went unused.

In other life news, this has been a tough week for me–despite the fun last night and the big Red Sox win that so many people anxiously awaited and then confusingly didn’t seem to celebrate. Although I normally don’t participate in cliche monikers for the days of the week, today I am shouting from a rooftop “TGGGGGGGGIFFFFFFF!!” All that’s on the docket for the weekend is skating on Saturday and church/choir practice on Sunday. I can’t wait to settle into my jammies and unwind.