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{day 4}: delegate

Day 4: Delegate
Welcome to Day Four. It’s time to delegate! You can read what we’ve accomplished so far in the Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 posts. In the Day 4 description of the 12 Days of Minimalist Holidays, I mentioned you could identify holiday-related chores (untangling lights, taking down Halloween decorations, etc.) your kids can do and delegate them.image

There are many more household tasks to delegate during the holidays. But if you are like me, you have some letting go to do before others can assist in holiday project completion. I learned a bit of this lesson yesterday after Charlie and I raked up all the leaves in the yard. Nate said he was disappointed because he actually likes doing yard work!

Luckily there was still work to be done with my tulip bulbs, so I happily delegated that job to the hubs and kids. They are out there working away right now as I relish in the sweet sounds of silence. Next week I’ll have the kids start a new tradition of a white light tomato cage “tree” in our mudroom. I have no expectations for how it turns out, so I’ll be pleasantly surprised whether it ends up resembling a true Charlie Brown tree or this version on Pinterest:

Another major way that holiday chore delegation can happen is in the kitchen. Sure, you give up some control, but there are opportunities beyond just more free time that come from relinquishing total cooking authority. Your guests will be happy to help out–any good Southerner can tell you we don’t rest easily if you tell us “Oh I’ve got everything” when we ask what to bring. So let us bring a dish! You’ll experience new foods and create more group unity. Christine of Boston Mamas shares even more positives that can come from sharing the chef burden.

Nate rightly pointed out that chore delegation is not necessarily a good thing if it feels like busy work to the delegatee. But if everyone feels the positive outcome of the work, it’s a great family bonding experience and self-esteem booster for your littles.

What activities will you delegate this season?