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{day 12}: make a self-care list

Day 12: Identify ways to care for yourself
There are many I could have chosen, but on this day these are the five things I like to do at home to nourish, nurture, and relax:image
1. Taking a long bath

A long HOT bath. Probably involving one of these delightful French smell-goods

2. Journaling

You would think that after blogging every day I wouldn’t have anything left to say, but you’d be wrong! I love to write down tidbits from my day, and when I remember to go to bed 15 minutes early so I can jot these notes, I never regret that time spent recording life’s little moments.

3. Cooking a meal that I don’t care if the kids eat

This idea was accomplished tonight via sole with beurre blanc and a side of roasted broccoli & cauliflower with parmesan cheese. I really wanted to try out my new sauce-making skills, and I pushed aside thoughts that the kids might not like it. After a bit of concern they shared over the look and different tastes, they ate the whole dinner! I made them a special dessert of vanilla ice cream with cinnamon crisps too.

4. Reading something on actual paper

I love sitting in my reading corner or in bed and reading a good book or magazine. My favorites right now are Hyperbole & a Half, Bird by Bird, Edible Boston, Taproot, and Bon Appetit

5. Home exercise

I never realized how much of a treat it could be to work out in my house. But now that I have kids who want my attention 24/7, it feels amazing just to be able to go for a run or do some yoga. In fact, I’m hoping to get back into the daily yoga habit, even if it’s only for 15 minutes.

I could have easily added “Being pampered” to the list (getting my hair did, nails done, etc.), but this list is specifically things I can do for 15 minutes at home.

Now it’s your turn. What’s on your self-care short list? Here are some ideas if you need inspiration.