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how to clean area rugs, courtesy of the dudette

Last week I rolled up our winter rug and cleaned it to put it in storage. I am still trying to decide whether I want to buy a rug for summer or leave the floor bare. What do you do? I was telling Nate about my dilemma when he responded, completely without sarcasm, "But a rug really ties the room together." I paused mid-way up the stairs, laundry basket in hand, and leaned back my head for a deep rolling belly chuckle. His earnest appreciation for floor coverings smacked so much of The Dude–and so unintentionally so! My favorite times are when one of us is being funny without knowing it. It is truly the best way to get a laugh.

In case you would like to share in my rug-cleaning fun, I am sharing a new article I wrote about how to clean your area rugs. I partnered as a guest writer with the folks at Home Made Simple, a website with inspiring methods for organization, cleaning, and cooking. They offer some great ideas and resources, and I am shamelessly encouraging you to head over there today and check out what I wrote

El Duderino would no doubt agree with me that a clean rug really spruces up your living room. If you need further encouragement to read my article, consider the fact that I used the word "sparkle." No, really.

Thanks, dudes.