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mincamp, toddler braids, and new shoes

Sometimes it feels like a random download kind of day, and today is like that. Care to take a walk through my stream of consciousness?

We had neighbors over tonight for pizza and salad, and it was a fun first date! I sure hope they like us too, shucks.

It was a lazy, unproductive kind of weekend, but one highlight of productivity was my first tasks in the MinCamp, a 14-day workshop run by the ladies who wrote Minimalist Parenting to help parents enjoy “family life more by doing less.” I’ve already done some basement organizing, sewn an eye onto Charlie’s froggy hat, set aside some toys and clothes for a secondhand sale, and said no to some linen ironing I was planning to do before our guests arrived for dinner. You can still join any time, and it’s free! Fun times.

Charlie has wispy hair these days, and the curl seems to be weighed down by the length. Part of me still worries that when I get it cut the curl will be gone forever, so I’m stalling on the cut for a while. In the meantime, we’re enjoying some braids, like this one:

I’m slowly weaning Vivi off the all-pink-all-the-time, and I’m proud to say that I didn’t even have to use the “Mommy is allergic to pink” excuse. Check out her new shoes!image

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