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home again, home again

Circa 2005. Awwww.

Nate is home after a week away. I’m always glad to have him back where he belongs. The missing piece of the puzzle is back again, and all is right in our world.

I’ve been pondering writing about marital discourse and the ebbs and flows of love and intimacy. I’ve got stuff to say on that part of life, and I think they might be interesting thoughts. Where might such thoughts get published, though? I dunno. I prefer to keep the blog about whatever it is the blog is about, you know? Incoherent ramblings and such. I’m not funny enough for Jezebel, not witty enough for Slate, not pithy enough for the New Yorker. So what does that leave, Good Housekeeping? If you have thoughts on the matter, I’m open to hearing them.