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on the range {week 3}: eggnog rice pudding

This is how Vivi felt about making pudding with me. A teeny bit excited.

On the RangeJanuary 15-21, 2013

  • This morning Vivi said to me “When I’m a grown-up Mommy, where will you live?” I said “Hmm. Maybe I’ll still live in this house with Daddy, and you’ll live in another house with your family.” So then she ponders this notion and replies after a moment “We’ll just have to see what that house looks like, and if it’s pretty, I’ll move there. If it’s not, you can move there and I’ll stay here in this house.” Well then.
  • Vivi is in 6/6x clothes and has advanced to tripping and falling no less than six times per day. She’s a mini-me bean pole, poor girl. Poor shins is more like it.
  • All of the sudden Charlie is interested in sharing all of Vivi’s favorite toys, especially the Barbies. The decibel level has reached epic heights in our house. I feel this may be a preview of the teen years. I’m preparing to hide.

Mom is doing…

  • I attended an all-nighter birth this week, after which I always feel like I need three days to recover. Lucky enough, the birth backed into the holiday weekend. I enjoyed some cooking, mild cleaning, Downton Abbey and inauguration watching (which reminded me of the last go-round), magazine/book reading and knitting. The perfect winter weekend if you ask me.
  • I made pudding for homemade dirt cups, which are going to be part of a spring online magazine. While I was supposed to be writing a birth essay for the last bit of my doula certification package, I instead ate TWO cups of the pudding while reading old posts from Suburban Matron. I feel better having confessed my indulgence.


  • About like you’d expect after missing a night of sleep, behind on emails and cleaning and everything else. But I’m trying to be kind and patient with myself and others to make up for the sudden appearance of Ms. Hyde.
  • Grouchy that the temps are in the teens and twenties all this week. 
  • Glad I don’t live in Wisconsin, where it is this cold ALL. WINTER. LONG.



  • Salmon burgers with mac & cheese and green beans
  • Breakfast cookies with prunes, walnuts, almonds, and mini chocolate chips
  • Eggnog rice pudding (recipe below). Yes, this is in fact my third rice pudding recipe on the blog. If you know me well, you know it’s my favorite dessert next to fruit pie, which is considerably harder to make. I had a bunch of eggnog leftover from the holidays (who doesn’t?!), so I thought it sounded like the perfect thing from which to make rice pudding. It was as creamy, decadent, and delicious as I’d hoped. Mmmm.

eggnog rice pudding
Image credit: The Boys Club

eggnog rice puddingserves 6
2 c. leftover rice (I used a mix of long-grain white and short-grain brown rice)2 c. eggnog1 c. whole milk1/4 c. sugar (I cut the standard amt. of sugar because eggnog is sweet)1/4 tsp. salt1/4 tsp. grated nutmeg1 tsp. vanilla
Add all ingredients except vanilla into a large saucepan. Bring to a boil, then reduce it to simmer for 30-40 minutes, stirring occasionally until it has thickened. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Serve warm or chilled. 
As an optional extra, you can add rum raisins too. Mix 3/4 c. rum and 1 c. raisins (I like golden raisins for this pudding) in a small saucepan and simmer until almost all rum is gone. Fold into pudding with vanilla.

Author’s Note: This post is part of Slightly Indulgent Tuesday

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