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don’t mind me, I’ll just be here sorting socks for the rest of ETERNITY

Where do all these socks go when I really need them?

It’s been a while since I did a “day in the life” post, so here you go. My morning yesterday began with Vivi finally opening the antique crystal door handle to her bedroom by herself, rather than the usual Three Stooges-esque routine of standing at the door maniacally turning the handle in every direction and shouting for me to open it. I had not realized how much an improvement her quiet exit from the room would be, but Reader, it has added considerable joy to my start-of-day quality of life.

V then announced that I need to do a better job of letting her put her own clothes on in the morning. Oh ho! Allow me to step out of your way and allow that glorious magic to happen. I think it’s funny that V requires a proclamation for all new behaviors to occur, as though I keep a log of every change. That could be what she thinks I’m doing when I blog. Oh. Wait.

The rest of the morning passed as they usually do, with me trying to figure out whether its show and tell day, homework day, or swim class day and then gathering required items for said activity. After that it’s making sure everyone is clothed, shoed and fed, scooting the girls out the door, and then only after walking down the zillion front stairs remembering I’ve once again forgotten the garage door opener.

This AM brought some extra ups and downs. I had the added bonus of catching a shower, a rare morning occurrence. I noticed it was 8:15, so I had exactly half an hour to get ready, and the girls were downstairs listening to songs on the computer. Shower time! Ah, what luxury. On the minus side, my run back to the house to get the garage opener and a coat I had also forgotten ended with me slipping on the steps and twisting my ankle. A week before the big race! I’m okay to walk but not sure about running a race in a week. What a bummer. I dig Thanksgiving day road races.

A reenactment of the incident.

Charlie had her mother’s morning out, so I caught up on bills, did the sink routine on FlyLady, and put a load of laundry in. Then it was lunch (a snacky plate) and nap/room time, during which I finished the sink routine and did some dishes, then tidied up for an afternoon play date. This was my favorite part of the day because I got to gab with a friend and hold a baby, whose delightful smell lingered for the remainder of the day.

At dinner time, the girls helped me juice a bunch of grapefruits (they love the learning tower!) and make toaster oven grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I hope their meal-time assistance is a good memory for them; they seem to adore getting their turn to do what Mommy’s doing at the kitchen counter.

After their bedtime routine, I settled in intermittently to reading, folding laundry, and watching Pride & Prejudice while knitting. Oh, and I made a cocktail with some of that grapefruit juice, a grapefruit La Croix, and Gosling’s dark rum. Delish.

That is the ho hum day of a stay at home mom. Hope you enjoyed the journey. What are you up to lately?