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highs and lows

Cap’n Obvious reporting for duty to tell y’all, moving is no fun. Next time you think about moving, remember that. The only thing you can expect about moving is that your stuff will be everywhere, and you will forget to do something VERY important and scramble to get it done. That seems to be happening to me every day right now.

I’ll recap the day with some highs and lows.


::Charlotte didn’t cry when I dropped her off at preschool! She said "HUG! KISS!" and ran off to play with her friends. Sweet relief.

::I saw the house again today for the first time since we toured it to purchase. In a nutshell, I still love it! (Pics coming soon, I swear)

::I took three loads of stuff to the house and began to sort through boxes.


::I discovered my first fixer-upper project already for the house that I didn’t notice when we were buying it. Not a big deal, but not a great thing to see on the first day.

::A man mistook me for an employee of a store today. Not just that. He specifically said "Oh, I thought you (motioning to my clothes with his index finger) worked here." SIGH. I knew I should have showered today. But I will persevere and stay in the picture

I don’t have a picture to show you what the current state of our house looks like, but here’s a video I discovered of a time when we were moving in to our rental house. It’s supposed to be of Vivi chasing the cat, but surveying the rooms tells a different background story of what was going on with us at the time. Yup, it pretty much looks like that right

Exercise log: Does carrying boxes up stairs count?

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