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Olympic fever {and a self-imposed new ritual}

Don’t you wish you were in London today? I’m so excited about the start of the Olympics. Our household tunes in every night to catch the action, and since I’m staying at home now I might well have it on all day. We’ve been preparing Vivi for what the Olympics are all about, and yesterday during bath time she announced she plans to be an Olympic diver some day (“just like Barbie.” Em, ok). This coming from a girl who doesn’t even like to jump into the pool currently, but who am I to squash her Olympic dreams?

It’s hard to imagine our lives being any different now than during the last Olympics. New baby, new house, new life. I feel much more rooted in who I am and what I’m doing now than I did then, but there is also a certain energy that accompanies first-time parenthood.

Um. Wait. Who am I kidding? No, I’m glad that’s past us. Though there’s no denying I would snap up another chance to care for an infant. I can’t help myself; I just love babies so much. Luckily I’m in a good field for that!

Sheesh, how did I veer off into babytown? That happens sometimes. Anywho, what events are you looking forward to watching? We are of course zealots for rowing, but our fanatical devotion also extends to swimming, diving, tennis (No Rafa? Whaaaa?!), the marathon, gymnastics, archery…in short, I love them all.

I woke up this morning thinking: MUST EXERCISE. That Olympic fever gets me every time. Looking for an extensive but appropriate amount of pain, I sought out a spin class. Yowza. Assuming the kids stay healthy, I think I might just exercise every day of the Olympics. Yoga, running, swimming, whatever. I’m going to get moving.

Admittedly, part of my motivation to work out daily comes from having signed myself up for sudden death to be in an alumni boat at this falls’ premier southern regatta, Head of the Hooch. Why oh why must it be a 5k? Let’s just hope the other girls in my boat don’t mind me imbibing some white lightnin’ liquid courage hooch before our race starts. Hey, it’s in the name, can I really be blamed? Oh and check out the picture below. I made myself a DON’T CHICKEN OUT motivational wallpaper for my computer. Partly so I get jazzed up, partly because I don’t want to end up living in a van down by the river. 

So Olympics, babies, exercise, and a touch of Chris Farley. Whattaya think? Are you with me? Let’s do it!


Editor’s note: This post is part of Seasonal Celebration Sunday