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the call of the summer wild

Mud, beautiful mud, makes me feel goodShould we play in the mud? I think we shouldWill you play in the mud with me?Then the two of us can be happy.~The Mud Song, High Meadows Camp
I know summer doesn’t officially start for a few weeks, but for me, June 1st is when I begin to celebrate summer. When does summer begin to call to you?I think one of the greatest gifts I can give my kids is to let them play in the spring and summer mud. If the form she filled out with her camp paperwork is any indication, I’d say Vivi quite agrees with me:

The middle entry, in case you can’t tell, is “DIRT” spelled backward.

I admit I bare some influence on the fact that she knows camp is where you play in the dirt. She won’t attend camp until July, so it’s my job between now and then to find ways to get dirty.

“Playing” in the camp mud. It might look as though I’m being ganged up on by three
men here, but I assure you I gave as much mischief as I got.

I got some great inspiration for getting muddy from this Rhythm of the Home article. Though she’s specifically referring to the the spring thaw in Canada, there is still plenty of mud to be found after the rain during the rest of the warm season. Yesterday I found some great rain boots for the girls in preparation for the four days of rain we’re about to get. I’m so glad it’s finally warm enough to play outside in the rain! I’ll be sure to follow up with some pics.

Speaking of Rhythm of the Home, their summer issue came out today, and I have two articles featured in it! Check out my features (linked via images below) and the others. It’s a great online magazine, and I predict you’ll gladly spend a few quiet and peaceful hours reading it, as I have. Happy reading!

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Editor’s note: This post is part of Seasonal Celebration Sunday and Simple Lives Thursday