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simplicity vs. minimalism

Are they the same thing? Which of these titles do you prefer? Perhaps it’s best not to ponder that question too much, or risk defeating the purpose of both words. Ah, yes, it’s a paradox. Or is it a conundrum?

As I’ve begun to define my parenting philosophy over the years, I have vacillated between the two terms. A quick search on Pinterest demonstrates there IS a subtle difference between the two.

Simplicity can get you this…

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Not what call simple.

Or this…

Source: via Deb on Pinterest

Um. What?

Or even this…

                                                 Source: via fyrefairee on Pinterest

Wow. That is so not simple

Whereas minimalism can get you this…

Source: via Howie on Pinterest


Or this…

Source: via Gordon on Pinterest

That, my friends, is what you call a clock. When you are in crazytown.

Last but not least is my favorite in the recent streak of minimalist posters:

                                             Source: via Jorge on Pinterest

So you see, both seem to connote clean and uncluttered, but simplicity can still include lots of color. Or, wait, minimalism can include color too. SIGH.

My reason for asking is that a friend and I are thinking of hosting a bimonthly blog carnival on Simplicity/Minimalist Parenting. If you don’t already know, a blog carnival (or linky party, round-up, or blog hop) is when a blogger or website hosts a place where others can go to post their articles that are within that carnival’s scope. While there are plenty of link parties focused on crafts, recipes, and DIY projects, we haven’t seen many specific to simple parenting. I am really excited to see what kinds of posts our readers will share.

We hope to have it ready to go sometime in April. But first, we have to work out the details like what to call it and what day to host it. The two most obvious choices seem to be Minimalist Monday and Simplicity Saturday. If you’re not a blogger, this question may be extraordinarily boring (is that an oxymoron?); if so, I promise to be back tomorrow with more of the exciting happenings, via a semi-wordless photo post. But if you do have a thought on the name and day of the week for our blog carnival, will you weigh in by commenting?

Thanks lovelies! You’re the best.



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