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poop talk = good?

Do you live in a world where discussions of poop are a good day? I’ve been waiting to start Charlie on potty training, but if I’m honest with myself, I couldn’t really say why. She has been talking about the whole general concept for a few months now. “Pee pee!” is announced every time one of us goes to the bathroom, and she even says “Uh oh, poop” and runs to stand in the vicinity of the potty when she’s about to go. Yeah, it probably doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure she’s ready.

She’s right at 18 months, so I guess it’s a good time? One would think I would know this information, given that I’ve been through this process once before. However, that circumstance was more than a tad different, starting with our nanny’s announcement of “Oh no. I no teach potty until three year old” and moving on to the numerous other reasons it took us a year to train Vivi…another baby, two moves, pure unadulterated stubbornness by all parties involved, and the heinous learning curve. This time will be different, right y’all?

Given that a few bloggy friends have been discussing potty training recently (see here and here), I guess I should read the signs and get going. Sure, I’ll make it fun, make it easy, and make it light. I just hope I can keep it that way. And is there anything cuter than a bare-bummed toddler reading on the potty? I’ll answer that for you. There is not.

What are your potty secrets? Was it all smooth sailing for you, or did you step in a bit of poop along the way?


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