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what’s new on the homestead…

Did you have a nice long weekend? Ours never got much more productive than Saturday, but it was nice to bop around the house as a family. Today we mosied over to Walden Pond, appropriately located on Walden Street in Concord, to glimpse Thoreau’s idyllic habitat. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, a bit on the chilly side, and we enjoyed slowly wandering down the pond path, stopping every five feet or so to throw pebbles in the water.


Here’s a favorite Vivism of the weekend, while she and Charlotte were happily and noisily playing in the next room: (shouting) We’re playing spit fight, Daddy!

The scoop on the blog front is that Aunt El’s cinnamon roll post has, in just one week, surpassed all other posts on the blog to become the most viewed post! I’m so pleased that her memory and cooking tips will live on to help a new generation of home chefs. Thank you, really, thank you, for reading it.

Another blog update is that I’ve joined up with a new healthy living challenge. Unlike the frantic pace of the fun and rewarding frugal challenge, this time I’ve decided to take on a longer, more relaxed urban farming challenge (see my shiny new button at the top right?). This year-long challenge, based on tips from the Urban Farm Handbook, promises simple ways you can make positive changes toward eating healthier, local food. I’m all about simple, so I signed up!

This is “February Vacation Week” in Boston, which brings with it much discussion and fanfare. Bostonians need their winter break to thaw out somewhere warm. Except us! Luckily, my dad is coming to visit in a few days, so we’ll have our own little house party.

Even though I’ll be away from the interwebs for a while celebrating with Grandpa, I promise not to leave you in the lurch. I’ve invited two lovely ladies to write guest posts, and I’m super excited to report that they agreed! On Thursday, you’ll be able to read the adventure of an American ex-pat (and my dear cousin) who is now contentedly living in a small town in Portugal…without a refrigerator. Then on Friday we’ll have my blogging friend Emily sharing some great tips from her happy homestead in Texas. I’m looking forward to the lessons I’m sure to learn from them both!

Have a wonderful week.