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Wednesday link love

                                                                                    Source: via Justine on Pinterest

My dad is coming in town tomorrow, so I’m changing things up a bit and sharing my linky love today instead of Friday. Look out tomorrow and Friday for my guest posts by Alice and Emily. I’m super excited they are stopping in to chat with us.

Are you as sad as me that we have to wait until September for the new season of Downton Abbey? I’m still walking on air after the Season 2 finale, which I may or may not have watched twice. Did you hear Shirley Maclaine is playing Lady Grantham’s mother next season? I don’t generally squeal, but if I did, now would be the time.

After the finale aired, we watched a quick behind-the-scenes video (one of my favorite pastimes after a movie ends. In another life, I must have been in the movie bi’ness). Incidentally, do you love the costumes, in like a “I want to wear those clothes!” kind of way? Because I do. Check out Mary’s outfit here:


On the behind-the-scenes tour, the actress who plays Daisy–the kitchen maid–showed off the working parts of the set kitchen, including an old-fashioned shopping list on the wall. I like the magnets in the photo above, but what I really want is one like this, only written in English. Ever seen one?

Speaking of Downton Abbey, get a load of this article from the NY Times about Julian Fellowes, the show’s creator. I’m kinda obsessed. Can you tell? Imagine living in Dorset on 50 acres! Swoon.

When I was Googling shopping lists, I came across this article from McSweeney’s, which is one of the most deadpan uses of sarcasm I’ve ever seen. Or is it?

If you need inspiration for what to feed your toddler, look no further than ohdeardrea’s series called “what Marlowe eats.”  I thought we fed our kids a lot of veggies, but her photos of vegan toddler meals are impressive.

Planning for my dad’s arrival has made for one exciting week for Vivi and me. It began with cooking and prepping lots of food, then moved to cleaning, and of course Vivi had to decorate Grandpa’s room with her original artwork. Our final step is to make these Pioneer Woman cookies today. We are still enjoying the Valentines theme around here, so we’re making heart-shaped cookies. YUM.

I consider my cousin Jill (pictured below) my first and foremost source for beauty secrets. Does she have the best hair and makeup or what? I learned from her that this hairstyle is called the “California wave,” and I may just have to attempt it on my next Nate Date (on Friday!! for his #31 birthday on Saturday). 

That’s Jill on the right

I’m also taking ideas for haircuts. The girls and I are going to get our hair did soon; Vivi and I will donate our hair if it’s long enough. I wish Charlotte’s hair was long enough for this adorable cut, or this one. Vivi doesn’t seem to be a bangs kind of kid, despite my being given a tutorial, so we’ll probably stick with the standard kid ‘do. What style should I go for? Bear in mind that my hair is straight as a board and is currently slightly thin due to my hair issues. I’m thinking of doing something like I have in this picture (see Jill again next to me) but without the expensive highlights. Send your thoughts my way!

I’ll meet you back here with plenty of aimless digressions on Monday. In the meantime, I can’t wait to read Alice and Emily’s posts!

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