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the finish line

Today is the final day of LoHoRaBloPoMo, my month of daily blogging. What a month this has been, both for the blog and for me! I began sharing my blog for the first time to a wider audience than just close friends and family. Put simply, wow. I am humbled by all the attention the blog has received. A very heartfelt thank you for reading!

Combining the 23-day frugal living challenge with my daily blogging turned out to be a great idea because I had a continual source of inspiration when it didn’t come from within. This led to some posts that garnered exponentially higher hits than I’m used to getting. As my aunt said, I may have just found my metier. Here are the top five posts in order of popularity…

But never fear, loyal readers who “knew me back when…” I still excel at aimlessly digressing on topics like the mismanaging of my ducks and my current TV-watch-list.

Something I learned this month is that it’s okay to pin your own posts in Pinterest as long as you don’t solely self-promote. Whoa, man. This news was a revelation to me and quickly resulted in the manic re-pinning by pinners ’round the world of my meatball and kale chip posts (good ones, to be sure).

As I’ve said before, Pinterest is a good way to get lost down the Rabbit Hole of Ideas. Many of them are great! Others are not so good. I’ll put it to ya’ this way. If aliens only see Pinterest, I imagine they are going to believe the following about humans: a) all babies are carried in strange objects like shoes and buckets, b) we particularly love big closets and small giraffes in various poses with large giraffes, and 3) we are all stoned and have the munchies 24/7.

In other life news, I decided to become a doula. I’m still trying to think of the perfect name, but in the meantime I’ve settled into the massive amount of reading required of me over the next few months. And now, apropos to nothing, I am posting another picture of Charlotte and her much beloved snack:

Nom nom cream cheese

Hope y’all had a productive first month to 2012.