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lying in wait

In our household, we are just beginning on the turkey craft projects and making the Thanksgiving grocery list, but all around us Christmas is attempting to steal the November limelight. I never used to understand why folks got so upset about the early celebrating; I mean, who doesn’t love pretty lights?

But now, I have a three-year-old, and disadvantages to this practice are rearing their ugly heads. Let’s see, how best to describe my predicament? Vivi’s style of dialogue about a topic she’s fond of is a mixture of Chuck Norris and J Edgar Hoover. She doesn’t sleep, she waits. If we have friends or family visiting soon, she will wake me by walking to my side of the bed, leaning down, and whispering an inch from my face, “Guess what Mommy? _______ is coming soon. How many days again?”

Much as I keep Vivi in the dark about visitors until a few hours before they arrive, I like to hide the next holiday around the corner until I feel like talking to her about it twenty five times a day. And so, when I walked into Walgreen’s today to find a full-on in-your-face loud display of Christmas paraphernalia and doohickies, I imagined what it would be like to march Vivi over to the manager and tell the SOB, “Here, you take my kid for the rest of the day and answer her questions about when she can have candy and Santa.” 

Personally, I am a planner so love contemplating the holidays months before they are here. I love imagining the traditions we’ll start and the ones we’ll revive, what we’ll eat and do and play with. Did y’all read Design Mom’s post? I’m enacting the brilliant three-gift idea immediately.

With winter just around the corner up here in Beantown, I am ready to begin the holiday invasion. Bring it on, bitches!


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