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and where, pray tell, ARE the missing heads?

Occasionally, I’ll walk into a room filled with toys that look like this…

Marie Antoinette and her little sister

These ladies used to be Cinderella and Jasmine. I think Vivi improved them, don’t you? The most fun times are when I am sweeping the floor and notice a head in my dustpan. Just one of the many sentences I never uttered, nor dreamed of saying, before having children.

This picture is evidence of why I am fond of used toys. In fact, I’ve Santa has already completed the Christmas shopping, and all of this year’s gifts (the three: something to read, wear, and play with) come from my favorite resale shop. All that’s left for Santa to bring is the candy and cheese

Are you one of the crazy people out shopping today? It’s ominous enough to me that they call it “Black Friday,” so I choose to snuggle in my with little family, decorate our Christmas tree, and eat left-over pie instead. Of course we’ll also watch lots of football.

Please share your stories of the battlefield! I love a good tale of lady-on-lady ‘bowing for the last Williams-Sonoma holiday hand towel.

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