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Vivisms, vol 27

Charlotte crawls away…
Me: Charlie! Where are you going?
Vivi: She’s going to Boston.

Vivi (after hiccuping): Mommy, I just hicced up.

Vivi (shouting from the next room): Mommy, Charlotte go pooped!

Practicing her foreigner speaking Ebonyx…
Vivi: What it means lunch?
Me: Pardon?
Vivi: I’m axing you a question, Mommy. Why its lunch?
Me: Because it’s lunch time, so we are going to eat.
Vivi: No. Aghhh. I know it be’s time, I wanna know what is lunch?
Me: Oh, we’re having peanut butter and jelly.
Vivi: NO! I know THAT already!
Me: I’m not sure I understand your question, honey.
Vivi: Oh, nevermind.

Telling me like it is, after I banged around some pots and pans
Vivi: Mommy, do you know what “taking it easy” means? [pause for effect, hands on hips] It means you should stop being so loud, don’t make as much noise, and be quiet.