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Charlie is one year old!

image Dear Charlotte,
You are such a wonderful little toddler already! It’s hard to believe just a year ago you were a helpless little baby. You had your first sentence recently: Dada baba nigh-nigh. You love having your daddy put you to bed. We are pleased to see your personality is really starting to show. We call you “Gremlin;” where Vivi was more of a high-pitched ewok (as in the little furry Star Wars critters), you have this hilarious low growl to your voice. We used to be afraid that you wouldn’t let us know if you were hurting because you cried so infrequently, but that has all changed! You are very opinionated, especially when you are hungry, and your scream is sometimes at a frequency only dogs can hear. But for the most part, you are still our little sweetie who barely makes a peep of fuss.

You have lots of new tricks lately. One trick is that you are finally waving bye-bye; it looks a bit Arsenio Hall-ish, but it took forever for you to get here so we’re not complaining. You also love to walk-scoot along the furniture, and you even stand without touching anything for a few seconds. You seem much closer to walking than Genevieve was at this age. You want so badly to keep up with her! When Vivi was at camp for a week, you beamed at me while you played with her toys…finally, a moment all to yourself. You love to laugh; even when you don’t quite get the joke yet, you crinkle up your nose and laugh along with us.

Separation anxiety comes and goes, but for the most part as long as your sister is in the room with you, you are fine with me leaving. But if you are hungry, you’ll cling to my leg and flap your arms if I try to leave the room without you. You inherited Daddy’s good appetite just like Vivi. If I sit on the floor while you are playing, you will occasionally crawl over and stand on my lap to give me a big hug and kiss. You are so snuggly! I will miss my little chubby bunny, but I am looking forward to getting to know the child you will become.

Love, Mommy

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