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Vivisms, vol 18

Vivi (eating dinner at Vogel): Mmmm, I love barbie sauce. Mommy, do you want barbie sauce on your meat?
Me: Haha, it’s barbecue sauce.
Vivi (later in the week, playing in the tub with Barbies): I’ll be this barbecue, and you be the other barbecue Mommy.

Playing with “guys”…
Vivi (plastic tiger): Let’s go to the store.
Me: (Buzz Lightyear): What are we going to buy?
Vivi: Cheetos and fruit cups and granola bars and popsicles…and beer.
Me: What kind of beer?
Vivi: It’s a special kind of yummy beer. It has chicken nuggets in it!

Vivi (wrapping rubber band around a toy): Mommy, look. Buzz Lightyear is wearing a sports bra.

Hazard of the summer…
Vivi: My bottom is sticking to my other bottom. Yuck!

Vivi: Why is Charlotte crying? What’s wrong with her?
Me: I think she’s teething.
Vivi: She don’t got no toof on the up, right Mommy? Is she gonna get a new toof today?

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