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a blessed mother’s day

I had such a great time! It was actually more like Mother’s weekend because we spread out several activities over a few days. It all started on Cinco de Mayo, on which we had the customary and yummy tacos and margaritas. Incidentally, adding jalepeno and onion to standard taco seasoning really jazzes it up. Nate surprised me with wonderful goodies from a nearby bakery, and we sat margarita-buzzed on the couch and blissfully consumed copious sugary concoctions like florentines, macaroons, snickerdoodles, and luxurious and overflowing rum bombs. One day away from the diet couldn’t hurt, right? I only wish the movie we watched could have paired better with the evening.

[An aside: We saw Hereafter that night, and I hesitate to judge it too harshly considering the potentially biased view I now have; any movie that causes me to sob with a mouth full of taco automatically receives a lower grade. But in an attempt to stay unbiased, I do have to wonder why they made Matt Damon’s character so whiny and pathetic. Why couldn’t it be a gift to serve as a connection to those who have lost loved ones? And if it’s so bad, why did he ever turn it into a business in the first place? I found it annoyingly choppy and murky. But I did love the french woman and young boy.]

On Saturday I got to do my favorite activity (sans kiddos): spring consignment shopping. My first sale of the day comes around only once in a lifetime; it took a bargain shopper’s perfect storm of serendipitous events to lead up to the paradisaical outcome:

#1: Wrote the start time down wrong on my planner as 9:30 instead of 10am.

#2: Arrived early to the sale at the same time as a more bossy and headstrong woman and realized together the sale hadn’t yet started.

#3: Glommed on to said bossy woman as she bullied her way into the sale early. Silently gave apologetic look to taken-aback sale volunteer while inside secretly gave the pushy gal a high five.

#4: Stared slack-jawed at the glorious bounty of gently used high-fashion dresses in my view, with none of the typical elbows in my side to get there first. Needless to say, being that the sale was at the international school in our town that costs $18k/year or more to attend, the parents who donated clothes aren’t shopping at TJ Maxx. I don’t want to brag too much, but let’s just say there was some serious label swooning going on. AND to top it all off, my partner in crime was only interested in boys’ clothes. Yipee!

After my bargain bonanza, we picnicked in Lexington square, and it was beautiful outside. To end the perfect day, I went to a second consignment sale, this time catching their end-of-day $15/bag take-whatever-you-can-cram-in-there blowout event. I left 30 minutes later and $30 poorer, hauling 2 incredibly heavy paper grocery bags toppling over with clothes and books. Sometimes you just have to go for quantity over quality, but in the high-brow Lexington community, you pretty much can’t lose. On our way back to the car, it started to rain, but even the rain couldn’t ruin my high from the day’s scores. It seems Boston never has a totally gorgeous day in spring from start to finish. If it’s sunny, it’s either accompanied by wind or followed quickly by rain. I recently discovered the high doesn’t reach 70 degF until the end of May…i.e. almost JUNE! You could say I knew what I was getting myself into, but then again, do we ever really know?

My Mother’s Day was a typical uneventful Sunday full of exercising and eating at the local flatbread pizza place, but time with my family doing our normal thing was the ideal end to the wonderful weekend.