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Vivisms, vol 6

On the way to the gym, she talks non-stop. I think it’s because she knows I’m a captive audience…
Vivi: Is this Rhianna? I love Rhianna! Katy Perry is going to be on next (she was). My cheetos are crunchy! I see a flag! Charlotte is smiling at me. Are we going to Mommy’s gym?  I’m going to play with Aidan and Chase. It’s not sunny today, Mommy. It’s cloudy. But it’s not that cold. Is Daddy at work? Charlotte, I see you!

Me: Hold on, I’ll go get something to cut this package open with.
Vivi: Are you going to get your sword to open the cabbage?

She makes jokes now, and while I may not “get” the joke, it’s hysterical to see her crack herself up.
Vivi: Shhh, Mommy, stop talking. It’s my turn to talk. I want to tell you something.You are the princess and Daddy is Prince Charming. Hahahahahahaha!

Whenever she counts to 10 now, she follows it up with “Ready or not, here I come!”

Ah, so. I see…
Vivi: I’m gonna tell you a question, Mommy. When I burp, I can say “Achhooo!”

Vivi (singing): Whoa whoa whoa your boat, gently down the street. Mary Mary Mary Mary, gently down the street.

Vivi: Watch this, Mommy. Are you watching? See? See me, Mommy? See what I’m doing? Mommy, watch!

Happy 30th to David!