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spinning in place

As a supremely conceptual person, I have no shortage of career/business ideas/money-making schemes for myself. Landing on one idea and making it happen, however, is not my strong suit. Wedding photographer, chef/restauranteur, day-care operator, and professional organizer are some of the more realistic notions I’ve had in the past. Don’t get me started on the giant piece of land I’ve wanted to buy that would double as a camp and a B&B. I’m really good at daydreaming. Hey, maybe that can somehow be my job! Kidding…mostly. Luckily it seems the nursing career idea is going to stick, and until I meet another giant roadblock I am still filling out applications and preparing to go to colleges’ information sessions. I was too late to apply to most schools for the Fall 2011 semester, so I’ve still got some time before I go to school even if everything falls into place.

Lately I’m thinking about digging up another brainchild. Ever since I graduated from college (was that 10 years ago? Egads!), I have missed being involved in a group sport. Coaching satisfied that urge for a while, but being a mom has cut out that possibility at least for now. I am already at the gym nearly every day, so I am considering becoming a yoga and/or spinning instructor. It would be fun to do both actually…sort of the yin and yang to my exercise life. I wish there was a way to try it out just for a few days and see how it goes without having to get whatever training is required and find a place (my current gym in the fantasy scenario) that would hire me. For now, I am going to practice creating some spinning workouts, which seems like half the battle in learning the trade. Plus, it’s fun to pick out the music. I’ve got four workouts that I alternate currently, and since I was going to type them up anyway, I think I’ll post them here for whoever might be interested. Stay tuned.