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out of the mouths of babes


Here’s the first installment of what I’m sure will be many hilarious things Vivi says. These are just a few of this week’s. She is so spirited and routinely does what I call throwing us some major ‘tude. She never ceases to make me laugh, and I often wonder where she got her spunkiness.

Daddy: Vivi, go get your hat and coat on.
(a few minutes later…)
Me: Vivi, where are you?
Vivi: I’m looking for my goat, Mommy.
Me: Why?
Vivi: Because Daddy said to get my hat and goat!

Me: Vivi, move please, I’m carrying Charlotte (in her carseat, up the basement stairs) and she’s heavy.
(Vivi stands at the top of the stairs watching me walk up, not moving…)
Me: Vivi, I need you to move so I can get by. (still not moving…) Vivi! Shoo!
Vivi (hands on hips, very adult expression): Mommy, I am NOT a kitty. Don’t shoo me.

A moment of brutal honesty…
Vivi: Mommy, I’ve been eating Daddy’s cake all day out of the garbage.