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Wish List

Nate and I are waiting impatiently for him to start his job still. We are also excited about being able to come home for x-mas! While we aren’t sure on the dates yet, we think we might be able to come home late in the week before x-mas and leave after new year’s. Speaking of x-mas, a present I’d like to buy myself is a digital camera. I’ve pretty much decided on the Nikon D50. This is where you say “Oohhh, ahhhhh.”
In other news, I got a scholarship for the spring semester. It’s not a full ride but every bit helps! If I can somehow get a full time job after this semester is over, I can get my tuition fully paid for. It would be hard to work full time and go to school, but what am I saying? Right now I’m planning to work part time, coach rowing, and go to school. Plus, with GWU being night school, there are a lot of students who also have full time jobs (some of them are even MDs).
I hope to be able to see you all at some point in the 12-ish days we’ll be home. Keep in touch!

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