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the fam

My hubster is the yin to my yang, the driving force in our quest for the next big thing, my thoughtful analyst, my encyclopedia, and my favorite travel buddy. As I’m fond of saying, he’s the Hermione to my Harry. If I need a level-headed response, I look no further than the couch cushion next to me. Aside from the fact that he refuses to get dressed up on Halloween (nearly a dealbreaker, I don’t mind saying), my one complaint is that he travels a lot for work and thereby leaves me without my partner in crime to watch stand-up comedians and eat pretzel M&Ms with.

The kiddos:

From the day she was born, Vivi has been full of surprises and challenges. Before I had a child, along with knowing just about everything else I also just knew my kids would be as calm and relaxed as I am. Now, I know almost nothing but am learning as I go. While you couldn’t call her calm, you can call Vivi intelligent and happy-go-lucky. She’s always in search of the next thrill, but she is still cautious about being the first to jump in. I’m sure much about her will change over time, but I’m pretty sure one thing is here to stay: that girl is a spitfire. You can read her birth story here.image

Charlie is Vivi’s opposite in both looks and temperament. She is our port in a storm, the quiet, constant observer. She pays attention to the little things and frequently can be found over in the corner pulling plug covers out of the wall or laundry out of a basket. Mostly, she squeals with joy at the top of her lungs…a LOT. And she gives great, slobbery smooches. You can read her birth story here