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Thursday, October 10, 2013


it’s beginning to feel {not at all} like Christmas

I know it’s insanely early to discuss such things, so if you are a person who is easily offended by the slightest whiff of Christmas talk prior to Black Friday, this is not the post for you.

But if, on the other hand, you are a planner like me who is petrified that her girls will get more pink plastic crap instead of games and toys that challenge their minds, then step on down! You are the next contestant on…

The Price is Wrong…But We’re Buying It Anyway Because of Guilt and Competitive Parenting
Tell them what they’ve won, Bob!

A Brand New Scooter!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012


homemade avocado nutella


Avocado is the secret to much food happiness in my life. When Nate’s not around, I live on avocado as my primary healthy fat and protein source. Last week I used inspiration from Pinterest to make an avocado grilled cheese sandwich, but I upped the ante by adding a runny fried egg. Wowza, was it ever good. I was originally planning to put this pic in my {What’s for Dinner?} series, which could partially explain why half the sandwich is out of the picture. Partially.

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Monday, February 06, 2012


I am a regular June Freakin’ Cleaver

I am not the crafty sort. I am nearly positive I cleverly conned sweetly asked my parents or my talented, artistic best friend into helping me make every craft assignment required of me by grade school. I love being creative, so it’s not the ideas I have trouble with, it’s the follow through. There was a time that I used to needlepoint, but I never finished a single piece. Sigh. When Vivi asks to do an art project, I find myself doing either finger-paints, gluing cotton balls onto paper, or coloring a giant piece of kraft paper A LOT.

I do love the parent-child connection that an art project provides. As I child, I remember really enjoying pressing flowers with my mom and helping my dad paint furniture. My parents both selected careers that involve working with your hands, being on your feet all day, and being able to think creatively, so needless to say they are both incredible crafters. When I was growing up, I would casually I mention to my dad that I would like a playhouse or to my mom that I’d like to garden, and before you could say boo, they’d be outside banging on 2x4s or tilling the ground. Talk about energy

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


the finish line

Today is the final day of LoHoRaBloPoMo, my month of daily blogging. What a month this has been, both for the blog and for me! I began sharing my blog for the first time to a wider audience than just close friends and family. Put simply, wow. I am humbled by all the attention the blog has received. A very heartfelt thank you for reading!

Combining the 23-day frugal living challenge with my daily blogging turned out to be a great idea because I had a continual source of inspiration when it didn’t come from within. This led to some posts that garnered exponentially higher hits than I’m used to getting. As my aunt said, I may have just found my metier. Here are the top five posts in order of popularity…
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


the mantel: before and after

I have previously discussed my love of Pinterest, but I hadn’t actually made anything I’ve pinned, aside from a chicken recipe, until now. I never would have taken on the mantel project in the first place had it not been for the zillions of gorgeous mantel decoration photos I’d scrolled through and pinned on Pinterest in recent weeks. I kept staring at my mantel last week, knowing I wanted to change it but thinking it would take time and money. But it didn’t! I spent only a few minutes and $2 on a gourd. The rest of the stuff came from other places in the house.

I am annoyed at myself for not planning ahead and taking a picture of the drab, cliche mantel we had prior to my little project. Oh well, this blurry picture is the best I could find. Keep your expectations low:

Since you can’t really see beyond Charlie’s giant head, I’ll paint you a picture. All that was on my mantel before was a framed map (which we love but was out of place there) and some books pinned between two carved elephant book ends.

Progress! It’s still not perfect. I know I need to take down some accessories to make it less cluttered, I just can’t decide which ones. I’m also looking forward to getting more fall elements as the weather changes, like maple leaves or a wheat bundle or two.

Wish I had the skills needed to edit out my external flash reflection in the picture of us in Paris. I currently have a 30-day Photoshop trial, but I’m finding that it is more difficult and less fun than I thought it would be to play around with it. Feels like work, you know? And when I’m Mommying, I’m all about doing only stuff that feels like play in my spare time. I still want to get some version of Adobe (probably either Photoshop Premier Elements or Lightroom), but I think I’m going to take a friend’s advice and sign up for a class to help me understand all the fun gadgets.

Despite my amateur decorating and photographing technique, I’m linking to a fall-themed mantel blog party. I didn’t know such a thing existed until reading a design blog today. There is much to love about the Interwebs these days.

Update 10/16/11: I added more fall elements to our mantel, including a few pumpkin tree branches from Trader Joe’s, a giant gourd from a local farm, and some owl candles from TJ Maxx. Am I trendy or what?

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Friday, September 16, 2011



I’ve got no shortage of activities to keep me busy while Nate’s out of town.

My bedside table is fully stocked with good reads (Jon Krakauer’s “Where Men Win Glory” and Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”), I’ve got movies from the library (finally checked out “La Vie en Rose” and also re-rented “It’s Complicated” just for laughs), and I recently discovered all of the episodes of The History Channel’s “American Pickers” are available to watch instantly on Netflix.

But I can already feel myself slipping back down the rabbit hole of the Interwebs. Right when I had begun managing my obsession with Pinterest, along comes another too-fun, time-sucking website, this time a mock blog written from the point of view of Suri Cruise, in which she puts down other children of celebrities for their sloppy attire.

Who needs intelligent books when I’ve got satire mixed with gawking at unwanted paparazzi shots of celebrities’ kids? Surely a wicked combo. I should feel ashamed, but instead I’m sharing it with you. You’re welcome!at8:30 PM4 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to PinterestLabels:Best of the Interwebs,Links,Pinterest

link round-up: design ideas

Image courtesy of: Charlotte Minty, Interior Design


Image courtesy of:

The older I get, the more into design I become. Design appeals to my frugality because I can pick up treasures in a thrift store and refinish a desk or old frame to make it shine like new. I’m still no fashionista, and I probably never will be because no matter how you cut fashion, it’s expensive to be in style, and expensive and I don’t mix.

Now that I have a family, I find myself fantasizing about what our future home might look like, and I surprise myself that these daydreams often include me decorating the home and doing DIY crafty projects. Perhaps it’s because now that I am at home with the kids, I have the down time I needed to relax and become inspired. Today I’m sharing some of what inspires me:

  • My DIY-loving cousin introduced me to a great DIY design blog, Centsational Girl. Also check out how she’s giving back to her community. Cool chick.
  • When you have time for some virtual page-flipping, stop by an online style magazine. There are many out there, so here are just a few: House of Fifty, Ivy & Piper, Adore
  • A couple of great examples of gallery walls on Oh So Beautiful Paper, a DC friend’s blog. I’ve gathered a few of my own too on Pinterest, among other dream home inspirations.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I’m sorry, did you say something?…

If I didn’t respond to your email or answer my phone or come to the knock at the door, it’s because I have fallen in love with Pinterest. It may be the coolest thing ever to have graced the Interwebs and has rapidly become my favorite activity during nap time. You can “pin” anything you find that has an image associated with it, like a recipe, a nifty craft project, or an inspiration for a room in your house. So long disorganized magazine clippings, hello Pinterest. You should check it out! But don’t say I didn’t warn you about the potential for time suckage…at8:00 AM3 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to PinterestLabels:Best of the Interwebs,Design,Links,Pinterest Older PostsHomeSubscribe to:Posts (Atom)


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