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Hi there! I’m Justine, aka. the lone home ranger.  I’m pleased you’re visiting! What started as a way to keep my parents updated as to what we were doing turned into my quest for real food and family heirloom recipes. I am also passionate about health, simplicity, organization, parenting, natural and sustainable living, and frugality.

When I began my writing journey, I aimed to develop an inspiring, positive space to create, dream, and share collections of moments. What keeps me coming back here is that I get to laugh about the hilarity and absurdity of parenting and share my S@HM experiences with you.

I am happy to have learned that we don’t need to have everything to have it all.

When I first became a stay-at-home mom, I felt lonely and judged for my choice. Now I strike a balance between working at home and cherishing my time with my two girls, and I am loving every minute! I hope to encourage other women to seek the path of their dreams, whatever that path may be, with less outside limitations. Can a little ol’ blog do all that?

Below are some of my recent favorite posts and the readers’ favorites too (I have the best readers, y’all. Really!).
My faves:

  • Aunt El’s cinnamon rolls
  • homemade avocado nutella
  • practicing simplicity
  • raising a glass to simpler times
  • dirt therapy: sowing seeds to plant roots

Readers loved:

  • my minimalist manifesto
  • jewel weed: natural poison ivy treatment
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  • the crock pot: play more, cook less